What do you really think about YOUR ex now that you moved on?

i just want to know who broke up with who and why?

and what do you think of them now?

do you hate them, do you still have some sort of feelings for them, are you jealous if they get another boyfriend, do you still find them attractive... I'm technically giving you a chance to rant about your ex here :)


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  • My most recent ex kinda broke up with me. I say kinda because there was no actual breaking up, we just slowly stopped seeing each other after he started seeing someone new. He did most of the drifting.

    I don't get jealous in relationships and I honestly didn't mind that he was seeing someone else. He didn't say who, but I knew; I was actually quite into her myself but I generally don't date people that much younger than me. I did get sad when I saw less and less of him, I was losing someone really close to me, someone I considered a best friend, and the loneliness sucked. I overcame that loneliness by focusing on friends. Relationships come and go but good friends will always be there. I think sometime when you're in a relationship you can forget how important friends are because your focus tends to be all on one person. I think that's why breakups are often hard.

    What do I think of him now? Well there's definitely no ill feelings. He was a pretty great guy, the first nice guy I've dated seriously and I'm grateful that I had him in my life for a while. If I hadn't met him I would have continued to think that the jerks I dated in the past were more or less the norm. He upped my standards for what I want in a relationship and I see that as incredibly valuable long term. I'm also happy that he found someone he likes and I'm glad that he had the courage to follow his heart. To me its a compliment that he felt comfortable enough around me to explore those options without fear of reprisal or whatever.

    Would I see him again? I honestly don't know. For one, I don't know the terms of his new relationship and if they're dating each other exclusively I definitely don't want to be the cause of him losing someone he really cares about. Also, I think if we hooked up again it would be different to before, because there's no passion there anymore and it would probably just be casual sex. I don't want to disrespect him by only seeing him for sex when he meant so much more to me in the past. I'd rather hold on to good memories than create awkward ones. I definitely would like to see more of him as a friend, but I know he needs time to get to that point himself. I get that it can be weird having your ex around your new girlfriend. My hope is that one day we consider each other more as 'friends' and less as 'exes'.


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  • Honestly, it's mixed feelings. In the beginning of the break-up and the first few months I missed her a lot and felt very sad and hurt by what she did (leaving me abruptly with no real closure) I even tried getting her back for 2 months after the break-up but it backfired instead.

    Now 6 months later after no contact for 4 months almost I still miss her and sometimes even cry about it when I think of her but there is this force and feeling that keeps moving me forward instead.

    I guess the feeling of what’s to come becomes more interesting then looking back at what was in a sense, but at the same time she is included in that future somehow in a strange way.

    I might have a few days of high followed by a few days of low..I'm still not over her and I still wish we could be together today but the more time that passes and nothing happens the more I feel I have to move on in order to live a good life.

    If there is one thing I have gained from all of this it’s that I have become a better version of myself and I like it. It has thought me to stand up for myself more and take charge of my life better.

    So that's the good thing out of this I guess...still miss her though

    • awwh, I understand how you miss her I went through the same thing. but then again if she broke up with you just like that with no real explanation, you have to come to terms with yourself that she wasn't the perfect girl for you... you just have to believe that all this happened for something even better to take place :) that's what I do and I'm telling you I wasn't wrong ;) you just need a positive attitude and that will help you completely move on.

  • I broke up with her because of her infidelity issues. Unfortunately I still think she's a slut. My feelings for her are less than nil. Not jealous of her or her new boyfriend (current or the past four or five.) She definitely traded down several steps and I have since upgraded in both physical attraction and moral character. So as long as she's happy then I'm happy.

  • my ex broke up with me... six times. the last time, I refused to take it, because it turned out she was already dating someone else, who she had promised my best friend she wouldn't pursue. afterward, I realized how horrible the relationship was, and I feel very used. I won't say I hate them, or use any derogatory language to describe them, but they hurt me a lot, both physically and emotionally. I'm glad it happened- I learned a lot, but over two years later I'm still terrified of sex because of all the horrible sadistic fetishes they had, and they left me lonely embarrassed. still haven't found anyone who wanted more than a sexual slave :/ I don't get why someone sweet can't... you know... like me. I just want to have a normal and healthy relationship so that I can stop feeling like there's something wrong with me :/

    • there is absolutely nothing wrong with you from what I'm hearing. to me you're strong to have gone through all this. all you need to do now is face your fears. you have to understand she was just bad luck and not everyone is going to be like her. just keep an eye out and before you go out with anyone be really sure that she's worth it. so don't 'kick it' on the first second or even third date. by doing this you're protecting yourself from making any mistakes :) one last thing confidence is key!

  • First ex- Don't really know what I saw in her or had in common, but she's a decent person and is alright. Wish her the best in life.

    Second ex- Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. BITCH. BITCH. My first ex made this one look like a demon.

  • Honesty, if its Mutal Agreement, I prey for their well being an future.

    If Ugly Break-up I'd give a Rats Ass.


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  • I broke up with him. We dated in 9th grade (freshman in college now) so it was a long time ago. We broke up because he had insecurity issues and turned violent. I have since lost all feelings for him.

    I'm glad to see he has moved on and has matured enough to where he is not insecure and controlling. I'm not sure I ever did find him attractive, to be honest. I was attracted to his intelligence level. He was and still is one of the smartest people I know. Also his eyes. They are a very interesting/odd shade of green. He has gone on to pursue a degree in biochemical engineering and I hope he does well and creates an awesome life for himself and whoever he ends up marrying. He is currently in a relationship with a delightful girl and they are very cute together.

    I have also moved on. I have been in an amazing relationship for a year and a half now with a guy I met literally ten days after my ex and I broke up. I am in college working toward a degree in criminal justice at the best school for that major in my state. I am very happy with where my life is and I don't regret dating OR breaking up with my ex. It was something that needed to happen.

    • oh mu god I'm in love with your personality... (not gay) but I'm jusy want to say well done! never lose your positive attitude because it's definitely going to help you a lot in the future :) !

  • I am still very attracted to him. I love him.he broke up with me. I am going cold turkey and no contact

  • I and my ex agreed to break up over the distance. Some part of me still has some feelings left for him and somewhat jealous of seeing him back with his ex.

    It hurts to see him getting back with his ex but he's out of my life so I had to admit the truth that it's all over, said and done.

    I've decided to cut him out of my life for real and for good this time as I don't want to interfere with him since he's back with his ex.

    • good for you! I know it sucks when you think about it but I say take it as a challenge to learn how to forgive people and move on. tbh you can't really be mad at him because he never hurt you intentionally I think which makes the whole forgiving thing even worse. but what I'd do is take this as a challenge to better myself. it'll definitely help you out a lot in future situations :)

    • Def. I'm doing my best to let go and move on. Thanks for the comment! :)

  • Okay so he did everything he could to get me & when he finally did he stopped doing everything he was doing when he was trying to get me like being sweet. Our relationship was so dysfunctional, we had horrible communication skills, yet I fell madly in love with him. I was scared because it had never happened to me before. We dated on & off for a while..then he breaks up with me OVER text message & doesn't even give me a reason why. It took me 6 months to get over him & after I went out with a few other guys but it went no where. I needed to get him off my mind. Secretly deep down I will always have feelings for him because you just never forget your first. I know he doesn't wanna try again & I've tried to move on but for some reason I always end up thinking about him. I knew he had a girlfriend & I was so jealous. I think they broke up but idk. The sad part is I know I deserve better but at the same time there is always that attachment & I never really got closure. I believe he cared about me but he certaintly didn't love me. You just don't hurt someone that bad if you really love them. We are talking right now & I don't know don't get me wrong I like talking to him but at the same time just get this vibe that he doesn't really care about me & I shouldn't be giving him the time of day. I've tried cutting off all contact but it always seems like I'm talking to him again & I don't even know what to consider us, definitely not on the verge of dating tho which is probably a good thing.

    • well I understand that you never got closure so its like unfinished business which is why you can't exactly move on. BUT then you owe it to yourself to not care about him anymore! you deserve the very best and if he didn't reach your standards by being an as* then he is just not worth it.

      in my opinion you should be glad it's over. at these times you just have to be positive I guess and also BELIEVE that everything that happens teaches you a lesson so it doesn't happen again. :)

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    • yess! I mean to start of with, he didn't exactly treat you like a princess... while revenge is never the answer I think everyone just needs to feel like the other person is getting what they deserve in some way or another. I say stop all contact with him. the hardest but very best thing you can do is to delete him off your contacts... doesn't have to mean fb because it'll look like you want revenge. and if he asks why you don't talk anymore just say (very nicely) you needed to move on completely :)

    • I like that, it works for me! Thank you so much for being here and giving such good advice. I'm really looking forward to moving on for good, once and for all. It'll make me feel so much happier and I will have such a weight lifted off of my shoulders. :)

  • We had a mutual agreed break up. I'd say it was because of the distance.

    We still love each other ... and I think each one of us is waiting for the other to make the move. I ain't making any move. I'm trying to move on with my life , I'm living with no regrets.. only hope. Its killing me on the inside, but I'm trying to let go.

    If he dates someone else .. I'm sure Id be jealous.. and I know its gonna hurt me. Hopefully it won't happen now.. I'm still vulnerable even if I'm trying to prove myself that I'm strong enough to let go.

    • wow... that's really strong of you. even if you do feel vulnerable you have to believe that you ARE strong enough too let go. everyone is, they just don't know that they are capable of it. like you said it will hurt if he dates someone but how I see it the sooner it happens the sooner you can completely move on with your life. I hope you stay positive and not regretful of anything :)

    • thank you . your words mean the world to me!

  • My ex broke up with me because of distance. He has a new girlfriend now. I don't think I still have any positive feelings for him. I don't hate him, but I'm starting to question what I ever saw in him. Since he cut me off when he found his new girlfriend (without actually telling me why, or even just saying goodbye) I think of him as a nasty person who uses people as long as he sees a use in them. I find him considerably less attractive than I did when I was with him. But that always happens with me with my ex-boyfriends. I tend to idealise them whilst I with them and when they're gone I can gradually see their real selves more and more. By real selves I don't just mean their actual looks, but also their true personality which seems to contribute a lot to how attractive I find people.


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