Couples that argue sometimes and breakup then get back together...

Do you consider it a good sign or a bad sign when couples get in a fight and break up, then make up less than 24 hours later.
  • A good sign, the couple works through their arguments and the relationship is stronger because of it. They can't live with out each other as shown by the short time it takes for them to make up
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  • A bad sign, the couple is doomed, normal happy couples don't fight and if they do they don't break up and get back together over and over.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • bad sign. arguing is normal, but breaking up after one is not


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What Girls Said 1

  • Bad sign, if you just fought and then made up it would be fine but because you break up it is pretty bad, because it takes away all power of breaking up because you know it isn't serious and will just get back together and when it comes to breaking up for real it will have no meaning and be very difficult to prove that it is serious. It seems like a very immature way to handle relationship issues.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's not really good when couples get back together.

    It doesn't feel right anymore.


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