My unpredictable ex-boyfriend bitter again.

Hi, so my boyfriend broke up with me two years ago.

He wanted to stay friends but I refused to be his backup girlfirend. He was trying to contact me, talk to me in the street like nothing has happened (calling me darling and so...). I was always polite but I was never pleasing him to get back again and did not contact him. After a year, he saw me with another guy in the cinema. He send me a message and I wrote him back I hope we are OK now, and he said he that he is. I did not replied his message.

Year after that, I saw him with his girlfriend. He was staring at me all the time. I went to buy a drink, we passed each other, he stared at me but did not greet me.

I feel bad about that as he was my first boyfriend and he hurted me really bad. I am trying to be OK with him but I just canĀ“t understand his actions. Any ideas please?


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  • I get that you'll always care for him since he was your first, but he is your ex for a reason. Maybe you two are just better off as friends.

    • That is truth but why he just did not greet me when he said he is okay with me... And contact me after a year because he saw me with another man...

  • Simply move on from him.

    It's not worth getting back with him.

    Find a better guy for yourself, someone who just doesn't treat you like a backup girlfriend.


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