Am I over analysing. Am I an idiot?

I and a girlhave been getting on great and flirting for months. I asked her out on a date and she said she didn't want any thing like that with any one due to a bad marrige break up. She said she values my friendship and is very comfortable with me and trusts me. She said she respects my oppinions and likes the way I look at the world. This was last week. I except what she said and feel really good about. We are both artists and her incredible positive rsponse has inspired me to create a piece of art. Should I show her. I text her today "happy easter" she didn't text back but she did email me saying she needed a topup on credit. Her email said "happy easter, have a good time and enjoy the break" I want to show her the painting and explain it was her inspiration. Should i, is it an excuse to contact her should I leave it for a week and call her?
So, I have emailed her a copy of the art work I created with a message saying how she and her email inspired me and I said that I feel the same and I havn't heard any thing. Its been two days and not a word. I don't know if I should just forget about it and see when when we are back at art college in 1o tens or contact her today...

I'm very confused at the moment.

Update of an update.

I am not confused. I am just a man.

I've decided to stop being a whiney bloke (guy). I won't contact her today. I'm going to leave it. She has stuff going on and is busy so I'll catch her another time. Thanks to all those who answered my question.


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  • of course you're not an idiot! I As long as you understand that she just wants to be your friend, I think she would be flattered that she inspired you.

    • Thanks for your answer. I do understand she wants to be friends. It was a very positive email from her.

    • Hi again.

      you are right. Having a friend like her is very important. Thanks again

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  • Sure you should send it during Easter why not. Sounds like she would like it.


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  • You should really contact her.

    Keep the attraction alive.

    Show her that painting.


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