Are we moving to fast?

Okay so me and this guy started talking well getting to know each other on March 10th and we started to like each other a alot. Well I just met him in person for the first time in person for the first time on this past Friday. It was awkward at first and then we loosened as the day progressed. so I know it sounds awkward and stuff but we were like SnapChatting and stuff threw out the time of March 10th and Friday. But he wasn't forcing himself on me at all but we were just making out and stuff and it seemed real legit. And while we were kissing he stopped and was like my stomach and I was like huh I'm confused he said he doesn't know but his stomach feels weird so we stopped and dranks some water and was like my stomach feels real tingly like butterflies or something. then he looked at me and said I think I really like you.. and I was like awww I like you a lot too! and then later that night I wind up initiating sex even though he didn't want to because he want me to think he was moving to fast but I wanted it like BAD! SO WE DID IT! and it was great! and he hasn't changed he still texts me and talks to me and he edited a picture of us together and sent it to me! but I am wondering are we moving to fast? did me initiating the sex make things move to quickly? like is me having sex with him bad? my friends seemed kinda shocked that I had sex but I felt like it was perfect timing.. and I wrong? HELP PLEASE!


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  • You were on the right track.

    It seems that he really likes you more than the sexual attraction he has.

    • okay cool thanks! I just needed to know what others thought because my friends were just like OMGSH I can't believe you did that so soon.. but I mean it felt right to me...

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