What would you do girls

im in a serious relationship with a guys afew years older then me, but age really doesn't matter.

im 19 and my mom won't let me spend the night with him. honestly its not even to have sex.

we live a hour and 15 minutes away so spending the night would be easier for him since he drives to see me for afew hours then goes all the way back home.

i would love to just cuddle and watch movies together all night.

also I can't stay out late, she calls and tells me to come home

ill be 20 in August.

should I just start doing what I want when I'm 20 or now

i live at home still


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  • You're old enough to making your own decisions in regards to that. When you reach a certain age your parents have to accept that they'd have to let go and can't control your actives anymore. I mean they can't keep deciding these things for you till you're what, 30. You need to have a serious talk with your mom and tell her that you don't think she's treating you like a adult and that some decisions are yours to make now.

  • Well there is a certain point where you should be respectful to your parents and their wishes especially when you live under their roof. At the same time you are an adult now and you should not feel guilty for living your life and doing what you want.

    If I were you I would be working hard towards moving out and also letting them know that while you love and respect them you are an adult now and you are going to do what you want.


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