Why do some people take longer to move on than others?

I haven't been able to let go of my past for a good 4 years but a lot of other factors weigh in such as depression, anxiety and what not. I always observe other people moving on easily and it makes me feel like a freak sometimes. Anyone else feel this way?


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  • I think part of your problem is that you are thinking about what COULD have been,what SHOULD have been,rather than what IS.

    When you perpetually replay the incident in your mind,irrational and illogical thoughts have room to fester,and suddenly your MIND becomes your worst enemy.

    Mental Health is equally as important as physical health.I would recommend going to a therapist to help you move through you many thoughts and emotions.

    Taking the time to talk to someone is extremely helpful regardless of how taboo it may seem.And if you can't see a therapist,then talk to someone you can trust. Your mind is powerful,but now that you have acknowledged your feelings,you can work to rectify it.Good luck.


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  • I'm certain there are lots of people out there in a similar situation, both having trouble moving forward and experiencing depression and anxiety. I know I've had things I've held onto for years, if the emotion was really intense and/or if it had me grappling with existential questions (eg death of a loved one). The main thing I guess is to accept what you can't change and change what you can (paraphrasing the serenity prayer).

  • People is not the same, some people are a little sensitive, this is not unreasonable, the most important thing is to correct view of their own heart.


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  • There are lot of variables to take into account here.

    - It depends primarily on the person's mental/emotional strength.

    - Secondly, on how much this "event" weighs down on you. Did you get cheated on by a girl who you loved, cared a lot about, trusted? Did your parents divorce and as an only child (or with siblings) find yourself moving to and through between both parents? Did one of your parents pass away?

    - Thirdly, is this depression and anxiety due to genetics, have these issues been present in the family?

    4 years is a long time, maybe it's better if you consult your GP and maybe a therapist to talk about the problems before it overwhelms you.

  • Every person is unique.

    Some people can move on overnight.


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