Dos he still love me and is there a chance that he wants me back?

My ex of 2 years still wanted to remain friends with me and he still calls me to check up on me and he still calls me his baby and does cute funny voices to me on the phone. I have also noticed that he kept all of our photos of us on his Facebook account. We have also met up twice since breaking up and he was still hugging me and acting the same as he was when we were together.

He even told me to be safe and to message him when I get home...

Does he still love me or have feelings for me?
Is there a possibility that he wants me back?


Most Helpful Guy

  • There's no doubt he still loves you, I don't know why you broke up

    ...But unless there's some major family or religious obstacle there, he certainly wants you back. Maybe he thinks you don't want him? Just guessing here!


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  • It's really possible to get back with him.

    It's clear that he still have strong feelings for you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Why did you break up?

    • there is no doubt he wants you back, so make it stay this time.

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