What should I do? End of the road/whits end question.

Well I've been with this guy for like 16 months. We already have a child, I know fast. Well when we first got together, let me first say he's 15 years my jr he had all these Facebook friends and real life friends he talked to I put a quit to that and thought we had moved on. Then I got pregnant. Well when I was 7 months pregnant I just now found out (my child is 3 months now) that he had wrote an ex telling her he was leaving me and he wanted to hear her voice. I am no angel and I am currently having a verbal relationship with another man. I just can't seem to get over his betrayel of trust. If he's not into me then why did he stay and if he's only here now for the baby I think he should leave. I'm consumed with thinking he's always doing something now. I'd love to work it out for my baby but are we doomed IYO or should I keep working on getting past this. Also how do I know he's beyond his little Facebook flings, oh and the chic is his ex which made it worse. Should I run with the kid or what? Like I said I'm having an emotional relationship with an ex on fb now feels like vindication I just can't seem to get over this infidelity. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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  • Run with the kid he's not ready to be a father and he's too young to understand.

    • That's actually what I think too. Now I have to save up or look on the down low for places to move too. Thanks for answering. I kind of know what I need to do just making sure I wasn't the crazy one, lol

    • No your not crazy lol but its kinda sad you should definitely try to find someone more mature and someone who can act as a father to your son cause from what I hear being a single mother is very very hard,

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