Should I tell her how I feel?

A while back I met a girl online. Not on a dating site, but somewhere else, details don't really matter.

We used to be incredibly close. We Skyped every day, talking for hours and hours on end. We played games together, watched a movie, told each other everything that was going on in our lives.

Before her, I mocked the concept of falling in love with someone you never met in the flesh. But when I realized that I fell for hard, that changed.

She used to give me petnames, typed tons of loving emoticons like hugs and kisses, constantly complimented me, told me how great I am etc.

At the same time she still called me a friend, because neither of us thought of calling it a relationship if we hadn't met in real life.

When me met she was still looking for work in the part of the world I live, but she's originally from another part of the world. When she couldn't find a job and her visa was running out, she went back to part she came from, to get a job there.

At first it was meant to be a couple of months thing, but now she's been there for almost a year.

The last half year or so, she started growing more distant. The only time she contacts me is in reply to an email I sent her. She stopped calling me sweetie, never types any sort of affectionate emoticon, basically it feels like she's treating me like a platonic friend.

It's been killing me inside. I've tried my best to just deal with the situation and slowly move on, but I still think about her everyday. I've been thinking of sending her an email of what I feel, but I'm afraid it's just going to put pressure on her and ruining everything we ever had.

I know we can't have what he had again, but to me it feels like to her those things never happened.

So should I send her an email explaining how I feel? I'm completely lost.

Well we lived in the same part of the world, but there was still a distance between us. Neither of us was working, so neither of us had the cash to go and visit the other person.

Now she's pretty much on the other side of the world so asking her out is impossible.


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  • Let her know your true feelings. It may not change anything, but letting her know will help you feel better. Also, don't lose hope, because if you let her know, and even if she can't make it to where you live, you may have some chance in the distant future. You won't be putting pressure on her. Just go for it. Good luck.


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  • You should have married her to keep her visa going lol

    • Try to evaluate what you can do lay out your options and choose

    • That's why I asked the question...

  • If you like the girl that much I would ask her out... of course the best way to ask her out is to face to face but just sent her a email saying something along the lines off that you like her and that u've liked her for _________ long that you have been wanting to ask her out... If you use this keep it simple no matter what you say.

    Good luck


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