Have any of you every cheated, what happened if/when your mate found out?

I had been very unfaithful to my girlfriend and she checked my phone messages and asked me if I cheated and I had to admit it so I said yes she said "was she prettier than me, honestly" I responeded truth fully and accidently said maybe two of them were and she responded with a big WTF there was more than one and I had cheated with at least 6 different girls.

Either way I got slapped in the face and when I tried grabbing her arm while she was walking away she punched me in the balls.

Either way I was forgiven and we are back together anything ever happen to you guys or girls?
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  • Only once, but it meant more than just sex
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  • Only once but it was a mistake and just sex
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  • I would never cheat, it is disrespectful to cheat and selfish. You cheating so much shows that you shouldn't be in a relationship, and are a selfish and need attention of many to feel good. I hate to be a judgmental prick to people I don't know, but people like you are a**holes. She is stupid for getting back with you, because she can do better than scum like you that will probably get 4 women pregnant and leave them behind and not pay for the child support of any of them. My advice is until you are ready to take a relationship seriously and stop being a horn-dog then just date people, simple as that.


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What Girls Said 9

  • I have to admit, yes.
    I have cheated twice... and it shames me every time to say it.
    I won't go into details but distance and changing priorities (on both ends) lead to it. We took each other for granted and ended up changing to different people and I made the mistake of cheating instead of just breaking it off because I was too scared.

    I'll be honest. There isn't much room for forgiveness or pity in our society for people who have cheated. I've been called a hoe/slut, undeserving of friends, undeserving of love, and any other mean name you can think of.

    This being said, I won't judge your whole person based on a past mistake.
    I believe everyone is capable of change and I'm doing my best to make that change within myself as well.

    My advice to you is to make sure that this time you are prepared to take care of your relationship. You were given a second chance (as was I), so don't be stupid like i was and mess it up again.

    I know people who have cheated in marriage and gone into depression due to guilt and even tried to hurt themselves over that mistake. But they are now caring parents, teachers, doctors, in happy marriages.

    There's room for change and while the world will judge us both, I'm not judging you.

    Be smart, be responsible, be faithful - and if you can't, then leave that relationship honestly before you make another mistake.

  • I have never cheated and never will. She deserves someone better. And if you don't want to hurt her (and again) you wouldn't have done what you did. You need to sort out your own issues and not let it negatively affect other people's emotions and well-being.

  • Yeah I cheated once and not proud it but it happened! I did it to get back because he cheated on me but I didn't like the aftermath that followed I hurt someone and that's never a good feeling!

  • I never cheated, but I bet he would be upset if I did.

  • No, I haven't and never will. I don't know why she got back with you because you are obviously a player and you don't have any business being in a relationship imo. Why not just stay single and play the field?

  • Yeah I did with my ex. my boyfriend rang his phone long story and I answerd thinking it was his boss and he forgave me

  • Tell her that she's pretty stupid for forgiving you and getting back with you

  • lol sorry do laugh, but why don't you two just have an open relationship? You can still be committed to each other, while having sex with other people. That way, you won't have to deal with the drama if you don't believe in monogamy.

    I don't know if this is actually cheating, I dated a guy that I never saw or talked to. We saw each other maybe 3 times a month because of our schedules, mostly on his end. I started getting frustrated with him and told him that we needed to make time for each other or we should break up. He said he wanted to be with me and that we'd work things out, but every time we made plans he cancelled. I was so horny, I didn't care about the dating aspect, I just wanted sex. So I slept with a friend of mine. I broke up the the guy the next day officially, but as far as I'm concerned we weren't even in a relationship.

    • Wahh Wahh. You don't sound like the staple for mental stability either my dear. Get over what ever happened to you and move on.

  • I think cheating on your girlfriend is the most selfish thing ever. I don't get how someone could love and care for someone if they cheat. That's not love. If I ever met your girlfriend, I would tell her to move on. She deserves someone better.


What Guys Said 3

  • Never have, never will, f*** all the cheaters and I hope they burn in the deepest pits of the fiery hell. Honestly. It should be made public knowledge if someone is a cheater much like it's public knowledge if someone is a sexual predator :| let them be shunned properly.

  • Nope.

    Girl is crazy to get back with you my man.

  • ive cheated before.

    was it wrong, it absolutely was

    do I regret it

    i regret hurting the women I loved

    would I do it again

    i don't think so, seeing the hurt in her eyes when she asked me if I cheated and I came clean was something I couldn't bare to be the cause of again. I betrayed my best friend .

    i don't have trouble getting females attention so next time if I'm not satisfied I would rather just break up then cheat and betray them. there is no honor in that and I feel like I did dishonor myself.

    • she took me back

    • I think you did what was right. It is scummy to cheat on someone and selfish, but recognizing that it is, and not making the same mistake shows improvement for the future. It is nice that you realized you didn't want to hurt someone like that again. I completely agree that if you feel a relationship isn't enough then break up before you are tempted to do wrong things. Good job

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