Has she lost interest?

We have been dating for a while now she's still on break and I'm not. She told me she won't much to me, since she's on break. But I've sent her some text and DMs on twitter, while I see her tweeting. We haven't talked since Tuesday. So she hasn't replied. I've confronted her bout this a couple times, know she calls me a control freak. We used to talk everyday, but that has been minimizing. All I want to do is see her face. That's hard enough but saying you won't be available and going on twitter and talking to others is BS.

Am I being a control freak or what?

or I'm too worried? Idk

Need help and thanks.


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  • You're not being a control freak, you're just worried that this relationship might be going downhill. Before thinking that she has totally lost interest, you need to get her alone and just spill out what you're thinking: worrying that this is going to end, how she not responding is making you feel useless. If she isn't answering then try asking her if she has lost interest.

    But if you already did what I said above, then yeah, it sounds like she lost interest.

    • Absolutely! She hasn't replied to my messages, this is the 2nd time it happened. I've talked to her and she was like wow you are such a control freak.. well in my head I wanted to say stuff but lol didn't spill the beans. Really f***ing pissing me off tbh. I can't tell her anything since she won't reply! Last time she was like well " I forgot, or I'm doing something with my life lol.

    • In my perspective, she seems a bit bossy and controlling. I honestly think you deserve better because what kind of girlfriend is she if she can't even talk to you and include you in her life?

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