What are stupid reasons that someone would break up with you?

My boyfriend dumped me because I accidentally spilled orange juice on his dad yesterday and then today I spilled coffee on the floor and forgot where my phone was, when it was in my hand.

Maybe it's because I'm getting old and clumsy? My mom is very clumsy too and we're not even blond.

I"'m just a f*** up. I can't do anything right." -Shane Dawson. That's his new song.


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  • Some stupid reasons I've heard are that I've "changed too much" (in a 3-month relationship) and that I'm "too messy" (after cooking a huge meal for him and hadn't had time to clean up the kitchen yet.)

    My personal opinion is that these stupid reasons are just a "way out" for a guy who doesn't want to be in a relationship in the first place. You're probably already thinking that spilling things or forgetting your phone aren't reasons to break up, and I agree with you. If the guy really loved you and wanted to be with you, these might be slight annoyances at worst. But if he was already looking for a reason to end it, any tiny thing that happens could be blown out of proportion and made into a reason to break up. My advice is to not take it personally, and realize that it probably means he was going to find a way to end it no matter what the "reason" was.


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  • There are lots of them. Some are:

    1. My dog hates you.

    2. You don't hold the door when I'm walking behind you.

    3. You're not good with kids.


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