What do I do when I still like my ex but she is talking to someone else?

well to start off I am a senior in high school and I was seeing this girl for about one year and 3 months and then all of a sudden we were over. I know it might have been because I'm sort of jealous and its really hard for me since she's a tomboy and likes to talk to guys. But now she is starting to talk to a sophomore and I saw him kiss her about a week ago. even though she was so sorry that she did that to me I felt like she wanted it to happen and for the last couple of days I have seen them walking to class together and hanging out after school. The problem is I still like her and we are both really christian so I don't think she would do anything to bad, but then again she has had a lot of problems with her hormones right now and can't really control them. I guess what I'm really asking is what do you think I should do about this situation? should I try to win her back or should I just get over this and move on? But she still wants me to be her friend but I don't feel like I can when she broke my heart and hurt every time I see her with another guy. I know I have wrote a lot and may not even get a response but I feel like I don't know what to do anymore.


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  • you should tell her how you feel, tell her that you can't stand seeing her with another guy and that if she is going to continue to see him that you can not continue to be friends with her because it will hurt you to much.

    • But I just can't do that it would really hurt her to make choose and she hates losing friends. especially since she doesn't have much she wants all of her friends to like her, and when they don't she feels horrible.

    • so...? its not right for her to choose him over you when you still have feelings for her and she knows that. Oh well, if you leave she will have to deal with the consequences that's life buddy!

What Guys Said 1

  • If you think that she's the girl for you, pursue her.

    If you think that she's not worth it in the long run, find yourself another girl.

    • That's why right now I am trying to figure out my problems and try and overcome them and actually get something to do outside of her, not just a job but another hobby.

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