I feel a spark every single time. Would he feel it too?

I've known my crush for several months and have had a crush on him for a couple of months. We work together. Ever since we've actually started talking I feel a spark every time we're around each other, a really strong one too. Whenever we accidentally touch it feels like a jolt runs through me. Today, we drove past each other on my way to work, I don't know if he even saw me. But I instantly felt that really strong spark I only get when I'm around him, as soon as our cars passed.

I know this next part sounds creepy but I can sense when he's somewhere nearby. By that I mean if he goes on his 15 minute break or on his lunch, I can normally sense when he's on his way back to the registers. I'm not looking around the store keeping an eye on when he's coming back, and I'm not watching the clock. I'll be talking to someone, tidying up the area, or ringing someone up, and I'll get the feeling that he's around, look up, and there he is walking back to the front.

I know it's possible for you to feel attraction and for the other person to not feel it at all. But I have never had a feeling this strong with any other guy I've liked or dated. It's a really strong spark/jolt. Not just butterflies or an increased heart rate, but a jolt. So my question is, because this spark is so ridiculously strong, do you think it's possible he feels it too then?


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  • It may be possible.

    Though, you should really spend more time with him outside work and see if he feels the same for you.


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