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In July of 2008 I was working with a guy at Wal-Mart we had just met working there, we got extremely close since we were both in high school which means we were working the same shift and everyday with out each other was a drag and he would call on my days off lol which was crazy. Anyways, one day after work he had texted me (we always texted during school and after work)and asked me "have you ever thought that maybe we could be more than friends" and I said "idk" and he said "cool" ever since then I have been thinking about it on and off. We don't work together anymore obviously, he lives closer to me than ever (literally in my back yard). I can see his house on my back porch. He's single and boogles through my mind a lot and I've just been thinking about it lately, like did he like me back then? I'm confused I want to contact him but I don't want him to be like well you lost your chance.. its been almost 5 years is it crazy for me to still be thinking about some one from so long ago? Any help is appreciated.
thanks guys its nice to hear a guys view
sooo I found him on Facebook and messaged him and got to talking about how he lives so close, he said "well, ill be home more often in the summer than now" I know that means nothing. I just really wanna see him :/ he didn't give me his number or anything


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  • I guess he probably works and goes to school. It's OK just keep staying in touch with him. talk with him a little more and then maybe tell him about a movie you want to see and ask him if he wants to go with cause you were planning on seeing it with a friend but she can't go now.just don't pick a chick flick.

    • lol OK and no he doesn't work or go to school :/

    • Geeze well what a loser! lol. Just kidding.

    • idk what occupies his tiime maybe a gf

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  • Probably had a crush on you back then. Take the chance if you want; I've had a crush on a girl for 9 years and if she wasn't so interested in females, then I would easily accept any offer/communication she provided (still have a crush on her, but I know nothing can happen). It's very very possible that he still has a crush on you to this day as well.

  • Yeah he did. Do you still have his number? If so text and say hey it's so and so, remember me from walmart? It's never too late if he liked you back then it probably wouldn't take much for that fire to return now.

    • no I lost it. It was in an old phone that was passed off to a family member and all the numbers got deleted :/ I looked on Facebook and I can't even find him and I don't just want to show up at his door or something you know a little creepy lol.

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    • Yeah I know it hurts when the other person doesn't like you back. I usually feel like crap for the rest of the day and then I get over it almost completely after a couple more days. Just don't go over there expecting him to fall into your arms. Just kind of start things slowly and try to get it back to where it was before.

    • i don't even know how we got there last time but ill try

  • It's clear that he really liked you during the past.

    There's no way that a guy will say that if he's not interested in a girl.

    And also, it takes courage to say those words.


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