Why are some things so hard to accept?

My ex and I started to fall back into the pattern of hanging out and flirting since Oct last year. She had broken up with her then ex the month before and we were reunited by a mutual friend by chance. So everything was good, we hung out, went for concerts together. But things felt different, like we couldn't connect romantically anymore.

I guess it was then that I realized we both had changed. Yet I still wanted her, and she still wanted me... but it felt forced. Then later she meets this guy in her dance class who she eventually gets together with and it destroys me. She still has feelings of attachment to me but I guess she sees it not going anywhere as well. Besides, I'm leaving for SF next year and I know there will come a time when things would've eventually ended had it gone differently... yet it's still a bitter pill to swallow. How do I move on from this?


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  • If it's really going no where just try to kepp minimum contact with her as much as possible


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  • Simply start moving on.

    Find a better girl for yourself and forget about her.


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