My girlfriend left because there is no respect but now wants to come back what do I do?

My girlfriend and I weren't getting along in the beginning I was kind generous and loving, but she was still hurt by her last boyfriend to the point where she cried in my arms for him. When I do anything I tell her the truth even if it makes her mad. Well it got to the point where she was flirting with her ex behind my back and seeing him she even got in his car a few times, though she says they were not alone. I caught her and made her tell me the truth. Well I broke down and lost all my charm. Now they don't talk but I still can't get over it and its been a year, plus constant fights and a lack of respect from her side by cursing at me and I myself raising my voice. So she broke up with me because I blocked her on a social profile because she even gets mad if I talk to friends. Now she wants to return after one day and this isn't the first time she breaks up with me. I love her and don't want to see her sad so what do I do?


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  • Seriously, she isn't worth it. There are so many girls out there who are so much better and when you find one, you will be a whole lot more happy. She doesn't deserve you. Don't waste any more of your time thinking about her because she isn't important. Move on. That's my advice.


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  • perhaps deserve better

    but only you and she know that really happened

    you know if it's all for you

    forget to be happy and enjoy your relationship, because it probably will tell her the truth, then you're wrong

  • everyone is entitled to a second chance

    if you love her and she loves you, forgives

    if she is continues with you because he loves you

    can be happy together, forget the past,


What Guys Said 1

  • Simply move away from her.

    Distance yourself.

    You deserve a better girl who will not flirt with guys behind your back.


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