My girlfriend of a year and a half broke up with me for space.

My girlfriend and I met two summers ago. We were not friends for very long before we started dating, probably only a month. We rarely fought, and we were always together. We were the envy of all the other couples I knew.

We go college 4 hours away from each other and sometimes I was not good at keeping in touch with her, but recently I've really been trying. She suffers from depression and anxiety so I try to talk to her as much as I can to make sure everything is alright.

She came to my school for Valentine's day and we had the best weekend ever. We saw a concert and she made friends with all of my friends. She once said "It's like I'm falling in love with you all over again."

A month later and only six weeks left in the semester she dumps me out of no where with the words "Lets just end it." She said she does not want to lose me as a friend and maybe someday we can be more than that again. I didn't really get the best closure from the situation cause she started crying and I told her she didn't need to keep talking if it was hard for her.

I called her the other day just to talk and see how things are going. She seems to be doing fine without me, but I'm not entirely sure of that. She says I can call and text her anytime I want, but I don't want to seem over bearing. I still think there is hope for us getting back together.

The problem is I can't focus on anything right now. School work is such a struggle. If I ever had I problem I could just talk to her about it, but now I can't.

I can't talk to her about getting back together over the phone cause she would never make a big decision like that unless it was in person. She knows I still love her and I the same.

She has always been an indecisive person. I'd like closure for the situation, but I'd also like to get back together. I want her to know I can make it on my own, but also that I still need her. I want her to know I'm always willing to get back together, but not come off as an obsessed Ex. Everything is just so conflicting right now. Please help.


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  • Okay my man, this probably isn't entirely what you wanna hear, but it's the truth (and one I'm guessing you probably know already, but I'll say it anyway cause it helps to hear it from a person):

    If the girl does NOT want to get back with you, there's no way in this world it's happening. Remember relationships are bridges, and if there isn't another side to connect to, then you can't call it a bridge. It's just not possible.

    But, that doesn't mean you can't get closure. The sad part about this deal is, the act of getting closure ENTIRELY rests in her hands. You gotta call her (text her is probably best, considering the sensitivity of the situation) and ask to meet at a spot you both are familiar with, or used to go to.

    Sit down and talk with her, get whatever emotions are out and say everything you need, cause you gotta remember, after this, there's a good chance both of you will be walking away from this and never looking back. Say what you gotta say and tell her everything you need to in order to help you sleep better at night.

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  • She seems to be pretty decisive. She decided to end the relationship with you. I thought the same about my boyfriend. I felt he couldn't decide on crap. But he decided to end our 3 year relationship out of nowhere and just when I thought we were doing so well. I too thought I needed him. But I don't. Just use the pros and cons. Think about her flaws. Me thinking about my boyfriend's flaws makes me appreciate that the relationship is over. We argued alot, the sex wasn't all THAT great. He was immature, the age gap between is huge. I am 20, he is 36. He wasn't all that attractive. He had a bad smoking habit. He was ignorant at times. The only few good things is he showed a lot of affection. He made me feel very loved and sexy. Now that he is gone, I feel even sexier, more confident and I feel so fresh and free! So you don't need your girlfriend. You are young, you are in college so I assume very intelligent. There are plenty of other women who will love to date you. It will sting a little, and you miss her, but that is natural. Just do other things. Start a new hobby, learn a new skill. Spend more times with your friends and family. You'll notice that as each day passes, you will start to miss her less and less.


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  • Simply find time to spend it in person with her again.

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