Is this just emotional behavior?

I dated this guy for months he kept telling me how much he loved me wanted to marry me. We got along great would have conversations about everything.we never slept together we messed around & not that we didn't want to he said that's the closest you can get to someone. He asked me to move in with him, then complete turnaround said he loved me wasn't in love with me & we broke up. Found out he went back to his abusive ex. They aren't together anymore now. I ran into him at a mutual friends I said hello he says we're not right for each other that I'm gonna find the right guy for me like he's trying to convince himself. I said that's the past and I just wanted to say hello how are you. He says I still love you & I really miss you.Now he's been texting me which is fine I'm not looking for more then friendship. He's been drinking more than usual lately & text me last night not a good idea talking again lets leave it where it was. I said OK you ever need a friend to listen I'm here take care of yourself. Where is this coming from is he this emotionally unstable ?or is this a game to see if I'll chase him or does he have feelings he doesn't know how to deal with?


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  • No, I don't think its a game, at least not an intentional one on his part. He really seems quite confused about the ex and about you. On the one hand he might really love you but for whatever reason he keeps)or was) running back to the ex.) I think he has low self esteem issues and probably feels like he's doing you wrong and feels unworthy of your love. Yes he's emotionally unstable right now because of everything that's going on in his life. If you want to be his friend that sounds fine but make sure you let him know that's all you want from him because otherwise its sort of leading him on thinking if he ever gets rid of the emotions from his ex he could come back to you .


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