Keeping myself together?

At the begining of the school year and last, I was a great student. Not out of school though(; So anyways, this year.. at the end of it, I have been a total disaster! It's been ever since me and this guy (which was my longest relationship) have broke up. Considering that I am content with my life and have moved on. I'm not even going to lie, I get depressed at times but I am bipolar. I have been partying just about every night, coming home drunk or high then not having any sleep for school that same morning. I also haven't been caring about my grades anymore. I haven't got a single thing that I care about anymore. I have no set morals or anything along that line. I just do whatever I feel like at the moment without caring. Ever since the breakup, I haven't felt any type of emotion. I told myself I am not going to let myself down like that again. It's not worth it. I feel like I am taking this 'not caring' to the extreme. I have been stressed out with my mom coming home from jail soon, as well. Everything that she has told me not to do, like hooking up with over age men ect., I have been doing. I really do not like the life style at home. I feel like everything is out of place. How do I put myself back on track like I use to be and have fun? What do I do about the 'not caring' issue and still feel nothing because it has helped me out a lot with stress?


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  • It's not bad to sometimes 'not care'. But as in everything, extremes are always bad (I think).

    I was a bad student when I was in high school, but at the end, I somehow managed to think: "If I study now, I'll have a schoolfree summer". But I think the most important thing is having friends around you who study and tell them they need to help you study. Ask them to stimulate you, to study together. When you find the joy in competing intellectually with your friends and not fall behind, you'll know why you're studying.


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