I should really stop and move on....right?

I have a question!

Why can't people admit that they did something wrong? Like my ex boyfriend who I have dated for three years is dating this girl. Lets just say me and him still hang out and you know have sex and talk about things we shouldn't. But anyway, I am still inlove with the guy.

We both tried and tried to move on and it just doesn't work because we always come back to each other. Even though he has a girlfriend, I feel like he hasn't completely moved on from me. When we hang out everything feels completely right. Like its just me and him blocking out the world. He even told me it feels right. We don't feel guilty on what happens when we are together. I mean we should right?

So stupid of me but I was on my way into town, and so I stopped by his place when nobody was home. I left a note and one of my necklaces he bought for me, I just couldn't keep it anymore. So he texts me telling me his friends girlfriend read the note before he could. So now she pretty much knows that he cheated on his girlfriend with me. Awesome...right?

I texted him asking me if he was going to deny it to his girl and well figures he never responded. I thought it over some more, and you know maybe I just need to move on and force myself too, and not give in. But I can't. I tried and tried and its so hard. I am so inlove with him, and I know he loves me too and wants to be with me, but he's just scared because of all the sh*t that happened between us. But I mean the past is the past right?

I feel so pathetic and stupid for begging him for texting him all the time and leaving him notes about how I can't get over him. I have this huge gut feeling that won't go away telling me I need one more shot with him. He's worth it.

I never felt this way with any guy before, and I don't think he realizes that. I did try to move on, but no matter who I was with or what I did I thought of my ex. I don't know if I can cry anymore and breakdown. I should be able to feel stronger but I don't. He was my best friend and the one that could make me smile when I am a huge wreck.

I don't know I guess my question is how do you move on when you tried to not talk to him anymore, delete everything that was on your computer and your phone, and get rid of everything. Its been about a month since I realized what I have lost, and I regret it every single day. He made me love life and see it differently. he's the one the make me a better person.

I feel like he doesn't want to break up with her, or he is just afraid. I don't know but I feel like it. He told me he doesn't date girls with a lot of tattoos and look he is. I mean was everything just a lie? Am I just a girl he use to love and now I'm his other girl. I just wish he would just tell me how he feels. That's all I want.

For my birthday that's next weeked, I wish for him. I miss him so much is kills. I can't believe I lost him...I don't know what else to do.


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  • Sweetheart, why can't you see that he's using you for sex? Move on and find someone better or concentrate on your studies.

  • I'm sorry for what's happened to you and I know it must be so hard for you at the moment but the only advice I can give is cut yourself off from him completely, don't speak, look at pictures and try your hardest not to think about him.

    Throw yourself into something like books or going to the gym or college work (if you go to college of course).

    Eventually things will get better and you will stop thinking about him and think about other guys, you have to understand that if he is already dating other girls then the chances of you two getting back together are very slim.

    I'm sorry and I hope things get better for you.


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