I don't get this guy? HELP

Me & this guy used to talk a while back & he then got back w his ex who cheated on her and all that crap. But they got back together & recently we reconnected again & went away for a job & we hooked up.. But he went for it & I talked to him about it and how I felt and he told me he's w hix ex again & he's worry about her finding out about me and her because she's pregnant .. He says they have true love & been together for 3 years ? I don't get it lol if he truly does love her why did he hook up 2xs w me & would always try to hang out during our breaks and always text me and wants us to stay friends & not be strangers .. And its funny that everyone says around me he acts silly funny and serious like himself but around his girl he acts all serious & doesn't socialize as much? Why?


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  • Why are you even still talking to him? You think if he cheats on his girlfriend, who he says he loves and has dated for 3 years who he has a child with, that he wouldn't cheat on you if you were to take her spot in his world? You have to be delusional to think that "he would never do that to me." He's clearly a scumbag in a dysfunctional relationship, open your eyes and look for someone better than that... they wouldn't be hard to find, literally just walk into the next public place you see and what ever guy you see first is probably better than this guy.


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  • Honestly, who the hell cares why he acts this way..he keeps going back to his ex that he couldn't even bother to be faithful to, and he's knocked her up. Seriously, this is the best you think you can do?

  • seriously? I don't get how you are OK with being a home wrecker !


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  • You are his side chick.

    You have two options.

    1. Accept it and stop complaining

    2. Move on and leave him and his dramatics behind.


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