Should I wish my Ex a happy birthday?

So. My ex boyfriend and I have been in a constant battle of letting each other go and coming back to each other for a really long time. He even has a new girlfriend. I have let him "move on" several times and he always comes back to me. Recently, he did this and then he decided he needed to let ME go. (again) so I was stupid. I begged and pleaded and nothing. So I left him alone. THEN he started talking to me again. Recently, he's been really sweet to me (which of course I can see through but I fall for it cause it's definitely what I wanna hear).

Anyways, his birthday is tomorrow. I consider that maybe he has been sweet to me so that I'll wish him a happy birthday. I didn't last year and he made a big deal out of it. He retaliated by wishing me a happy birthday late this year. So what do I do? Do I wish him a happy birthday? Do I wait until the end of the day? I know he want to hear it from me and that I want to say it but should I do it right as the clock strikes midnight or should I wait until his birthday is almost over.

Any help would be appreciated!


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  • I think you should wish him a Happy Birthday but wait till his birthday is almost over. I been threw the same thing with my ex. I was one of the first people to wish him a happy birthday and he ended up forgetting about his girlfriend and coming back to me. -_-

    • plot twist! that was my original plan! then he texted ME asking me to wish him a happy birthday. wtf?

    • He messed up the plan! lol

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