Ex boyfriend relationship crisis

my ex and I broke up and he's dating someone else. We set boundaries for each other lyk what we can and cannot do and now he's acting sad what's up?


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  • He probably still has feelings for you even though he's with someone else.

    • is tht possible

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    • We dated 5 years

    • He probably has some feelings left.

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  • maybe he wanted to have the two women,you and her,Sad is only temporary, if he does not love you, you don't need to care about whether he is sad,Otherwise the last hurt more must be you, you can also find other men!


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  • Shes probably a rebound, and he thought it would make him feel better. But it didn't, it rarely does. But at this point you shouldn't concern yourself with why he is sad, your over, and the sooner you accept it and move on the better off you will be.


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