Can this go back at all?

he has no romantic or sexual feelings towards me. together over 10 years.

he still care a lot about me due to all the history together. even after lots and lots of fights, he still seem very comfortable sharing with me and talking to me as well as caring for me...

but can this ever work out again...say we ever just start becoming friends...i have feelings for him...but will he only see me as a friend?


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  • You have to find out why your relationship has become sexually stagnent.

    Does he have a sexual disorder that he is hiding from you?

    Is he depressed?

    He could see the sex that you are having as "same old, same old."

    Have you ever thought of finding out his deepest fantasy?

    Maybe you need to do something really kinky that will get him excited about sex again.

    Try to find out what will make him feel like a horny teenager again.

    • yes...a new woman lol...

      he just text me that we talk a lot because he can compartmentize his feelings that he only see me a very good friend.

      he was never very secure with his sexuality and it never bother me because I was not demanding with sex.

      there are def. a lot of issues with communications ... I have asked to go to consoling but as of now...nothing yet.

      i don't know about his fantasy..again ... communication felt apart and also there seem to be role reversal in the relationship ...

    • Are you sure about him wanting a new women, if so then try acting like a new women.

      Well then, is this what you want in a relationship?

      It sounds to me that he won't be happy with you or anyone women until his issuses are resolved. If he is not willing to talk about them even after nudging at him then it is not your fault.

      I am not talking about his day at work. I mean like some other issuse that he is hiding from you about something.

      Don't always assume the worst!

  • It would really work out again as long as you start conveying your feelings to him.

    Tell him how you feel and he will act from that.


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