Do girls sleep with someone to spite their ex?

So, my girlfriend cheated on me with a kid in high school when she was super f***ed up one time. She told me 2 days later, and I took some time and she was pretty much begging for me back telling me we could work through it, which we did for a while. But it was pretty damaging to our relationship and we ended up breaking up a month later. She's 24 by the way, don't ask how it happened it just did.

Anyways, our breakup was fine at first, and due to me freaking out a little bit in the beginning it turned kinda bad. Last time we were in contact last week we managed to end things on a semi good note by both apologizing for what happened in the relationship.

My question is, would a girl knowingly hook up with someone who she knows would hurt her ex? Are there girls that do this? Because I'd be fine with her hooking up with anyone else just not that one person. I know it's none of my business what she does now but it just bugs me.


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  • A woman will absolutely hook up with the most hurtful person they can think of. Women have this idea that men only operate due to their sexual organs, so by that logic, they believe that is the best way to hurt their ex. The best way to combat this is to objectify them. This will give them the least self respect and self worth. this type of behavior deserves no rewards.

    • I just don't understand why she would want to hurt me in the first place. Like when we broke up she was crying over how sorry she was for what she did to me. And it's hard to believe that a 24 year old would invite lets say he's 18 over just to have sex... Especially the same one she cheated on with me before.

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    • Well basically we have 0 mutual friends. And We aren't friends on face book right now. So I guess my question is. Would she do it if she knew 100% that I had no way of finding out? Like would there be a point to do it if I couldn't find out?

    • If it's somebody she's cheated with on you before, there may be some residual feelings with the little boy. My question to you would be, why waste your time on somebody that is a mere technicality away from statutory rape when you've already ended the relationship?

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  • Dude a bitch would wedge herself between you and a brother or best friend if she could.

    • It's like what's the point if I'll never know though? We have almost no mutual friends

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