Still speaking after a break up

So if you break up with a girl and you still talk to each other after that, does that make you look weak desperate and needy? Even if you aren't begging her back and trying to keep cool about everything?


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  • No its always weird for one person. My ex dumped me and then randomly calls and messages. Which I dony get. I feel if you broke up. Stick to your decision and let the person live. Unless you wanna get back

    • Well ,I did want to get back but I am starting to realize that she is not even worth it.

    • Yes but you see.. the thing with guys is , I feel.. that they want to get back, but the minute the girl gives them some attention they go back to changing their mind.

    • My ex dumped me and would keep asking me to be in touch. And keep giving out mixed signals. And stringed me along for 4 months for me to find out he is also seeing other people and keeping his options open. I finally cut him off and now he will randomly call me once in like 8 -10 days with some stupid excuse and I ignore because I know he won't get back.

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  • I did talk to an ex after the break up but it didn't go well as either of us still had feelings so I decided to cut off all the contact with him.


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