Please help! is there any chance of getting back together..

We dated for about 9 months but for the last three months it was long distance since I'm studying in Europe. Randomly one day he broke off with me and was really cold/mean about it. He said I was started to bug him too much about skyping (thats because I missed him so much) so he said that long distance won't work and called it quits. We've been NC. It's been two weeks and I miss him so much. I still have him Facebook and he still likes my posts like my pictures and stuff that I put up. He hasn't been online. I saw a recent video of him that his friend posted and he's wearing a jacket that I got for him one week before we broke you think there's any chance of him contacting me? I really miss him and I love him but I'm going crazy hoping that he still wants me back/regrets it. This is my first breakup and my first love so I'm devastated.

someone please help..


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What Guys Said 1

  • There's still a chance.

    That is when you start spending time physically with him.

    The long distance between the two of you is what killed your relationship in the first place.


What Girls Said 1

  • Sadly to say that long distance relationship rarely works out.

    Since you two broke up and do the no contact. I would suggest you to stay that way til he makes the first move to contact you first.

    • I agree. And also you are in Europe now, enjoy your time, have some fun, find friends (date some European guys) don't let this break up ruin your time there.

      Stay strong!

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