Is he actually into me?

I kinda have this crush on this guy. He is always staring at smiling hard at me. If we are together his arms are always around my shoulder or my back. He is pretty to himself and not like this to other girls. I just don't understand if this could be true because I am a bit bigger than your normal girl. He knows I'm in the process of losing weight. He is one of the sweetest guys I know. Also we are in our 20's but I am 3 years older than him. I don't know what to do when I see him next, or to say to him on Facebook. Anyone have advice?


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  • It's clear that he's into you.

    By being touchy and always trying to be sweet, those are big signs.


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  • Are you close friends? If you are this might be just friendly.

    Just hang out together a bit more before you say something.

    • No we aren't we just started this friendship out of no where. We've gone to the same church for about a year now. But we just started being friends like 2 months least in my eyes.

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