Meeting with ex after 8 months

My ex of two years and I agreed to see each other after 8 months. She is living in a different country and I am here for work. We've texted a bit since breaking up and it's never really ended in anything but arguments. She ended it with me and has told me she feels guilty everyday for the last 8 months and wants to see me, that I was the best guy she had ever met, and she was stupid and acted immaturely when she broke it off with me.

I love this girl, I knew it from the first day we met, and I always will. The break up was very hard on me, for months I turned into a recluse and stayed to myself, I had some family and friends that were a bit worried because it is unlike me at all to not instantly bounce back from anything. Basically did everything you are told not to do when you go through a bad break up. I lost confidence and pride, it was not a good time in my life.

When she told me she wanted to see me, my life instantly became better, but now as we're getting close to the meeting date, I'm getting nervous and trying to avoid becoming a mess in front of her. She says she wants to meet and tell me all these things that she's wanted to say to me for so long but was to scared to say because she thought I would treat her badly at the time. She knew how hard everything was on me.

I guess my question boils down to, do you think it is a good idea to meet your ex if you still have tangled emotional feelings about a lot of things even after a lot of time has passed?


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  • Yes, meet her. You're never going to put your fears and questions to rest if you don't meet her. I think 8 months does a lot to a person...they reevaluate a lot of things in their lives and you're going to go into this with a different perspective. Keep things light at first and if you two are drinkers, keep that to a minimum because that will bring up a lot of emotions that you don't need to deal with if you're trying to keep your head on straight.

    I wouldn't worry about becoming a mess in front of her, because of the things she has said. If she's apologized and is taking responsibility for her actions that's really a great sign. It sounds as if she thinks she's the one that has more to prove than you do. Just listen to what she has to say and then respond to her honestly. But try not to bring up anything bad from the past. If you've both moved on and are serious, then leave the past where it's history. Don't rehash, point blame or start "you said , she said." It's a done deal. If you can talk about it maturely, do it, but if you see it's veering off course don't even go there.

    This is a chance that neither of you thought you were going to get, make the best of it. Good luck!

  • I don't think it is a good idea, but... You are going to meet her anyways, because you miss her and you wanna talk and stuff. It's normal. I would do the same.


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