Feeling really let down.......

i've been seeing my ex again for 5 months.

it started out where we met, we talked, we sorted everything out and we had sex.

we didn't see each other for nearly two weeks after, he'd ignore my texts etc.

we eventually met up, had sex. we'd probably see each other around once a week from then until 2 months into meeting him again.

2 months into seeing him, I got a car and I offered to take him to work. he accepted so I began seeing him twice a week.

seeing him twice a week got us to know each other again. by Xmas time we were really good friends and I started to see him more.

NYE he told me he had started to see someone that night so we couldn't have sex because he won't cheat. I said OK but I was very upset so I told him I really liked him. he said he kind of guessed. he said he'd never felt the way he does about me either (even though he had just started seeing this girl)

he told me he didn't want to lose me because he had a girlfriend so I carried on like normal with him. we continued to flirt subtly. as his relationship with his girlfriend got longer, he started flirting with me more everyday so I did back.

he asked me over, we had sex. I only slept with him because I thought he'd broken up with his girlfriend, but he hadn't.

they were still together for another 2 weeks after that but he slpit up with her.

since then, we've gotten closer again. a year ago I was starting to think maybe I should try and forget about him. but now I've been shown all the traits he has which made me fall in love with him in the beginning.

on the weekend, I was on my period but he still wanted me to go to his house. we were talking, laughing, messing around like normal. but he suddenly changed, he leaned in to kiss me. he leant his head on my shoulder. he wanted a few hugs from me and he held my hand. he hasn't done anything like this since we were in a relationship 2 years ago.

i really thought he was showing me his true feelings but I don't know what to think anymore because he was talking to this girl I know (I was with her when he was messaging her and he doesn't know I know the girl he was talking to) she was only replying to the usual conversation questions "hi, how are u" etc.

when she said goodbye, he asked her if they could meet up soon (they've never met) so she asked if he had a girlfriend and he said no.

this upset me because it was only yesterday we had sex. even then he leant his head on my shoulder and looked into my eyes, I honestly believe he really likes me but I don't know.

both guys and girls give your opinion, have your say, cheer me up? any advice would really help because I really want him to know I still feel the same way about him and I would really love to know if he liked me too.

please help :/
i forgot to mention he commented on a photo on Facebook. the photo said "i hate making eye contact with someone who used to mean the world to you"

he commented saying "ir the person who still does mean the world to you"

i was re\lly hoping this was about me (he commented just before I went to his house).

i might be reading too much into that photo bit but I'm the girl who he's come back to time and time again for 6 years.

opinions on this too please?


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  • You should forget him altogether and find a new guy.

    It's clear that he's just seeing you as a friends with benefit and not having the intention of making it mean something more.


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