My husband and I have been married a year have a 3 month old baby. They why did he cheat on me?

I met my husband 6 months before we got married but I liked him for years. We got married and I fell pregnant soon after. Things were OK in the beginning but then we started to argue a lot and he became controlling and then he stopped paying attention to me. After the baby was born he changed loads it was like I didn't exist and he hated me spending time with my family especially my mum. Anyway we had a bids argument when the baby was 2 months old and he threw me out. And then I found out he was back with his ex girlfriend and has been throughout our marriage and even has a kid with her. We live on the same road so I see them everyday playing happy families and he looks at me like I'm no one I mean we're still married but he's calling her his wife. Why did he bother marrying me or even stayin with me for as long as he did if all he wanted was to be with her.


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  • good question. there aren't any good answers


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  • Guys are often pressured into a marriage that they didn't actually want. Sounds like this is what happened here.


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  • well maby he wasent reddy fore the comitment to you and it all happend too fast fore him when the child arrived it needed constant attenshon so he got even more angry and disatached he probably felt angry about the babie taking all that time and had loads of other desires son he went off with another woman these things happen a lot sont worrie if you are a singal mom there is things that could help like child tax and all that men are some times too babyish to settel down I am sorry about this but he wasent reddy and still a boy not a man only a man on the out side a boy on the inside you will probably fing a nike loving guy who will take cair of both of you and love you wishing you the best good look xx


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