Will a guy admit to a girl he likes her if he has a girlfriend?

Will a guy admit to a girl he like her if he has a girlfriend? Or why not?

I'm in this situation and I don't want to be in it but I'm just wondering, but the guy I like, we used to talk a while back.. and we work together & people assume we have a thing because its noticeable.. I've gotten coworkers come up to me and ask if we have something going on because people say it shows that he likes me meanwhile I'm doing me and just have fun with him back. He did have a girl he got back with, which crushed me but it is what it is. When we talked, he told me he did like me, but he had to fall back because he didn't want to hurt my feelings because he knew he was going to get back with his ex. But even now, he still acts like he likes me and he knows I like him.. now why won't he admit it?


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  • Because of the fact that he has a gf.

    Some guys are actually loyal to their gfs, and if they act on the feelings for another girl, its considered emotional cheating.

    But if a guy did confess his feelings for a girl whilst he has a girlfriend, then it means he is letting go of the crush feeling he has or else it will consume him.


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  • If he is loyal to his girlfriend I think he will not say that he likes you or anything (That is if he does like you). One thing may lead to another. However he should not act like he likes you if he is in a relationship and intends to stay in that relationship so that he does not make you feel crushed all the time.

  • Sure, if he wants to cheat on his girlfriend.


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