Is it a good idea to break up with him this way

so here's an update on that guy I was telling you about I am thinking about telling him how I really feel about him and saying it is probaly a good idea if we just stop being friends and act like we never met cause he has a girlfriend and he doesn't even pay any attention to me but since I never get tot alk to him cause he ignores me should I do it over a note if anyone can give me some advice on how to do this id really appreciate it thanks


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  • If he is ignoring you and not treating you well, AND he already has a girlfriend then just do the same in return. He is obviously not worth your time and effort. Go find a good guy who has time for you! Don't even send him a note just ignore him.

    • thanks yeah your probaly right I should just ignore him I just like him a lot and after this school year ends I'm never gonna see him again I'm just so confused my head is telling me to ignore him but my heart is telling me eto hold on

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