My family is about to be all broken up

My family is so messed up right now. My grandma has dementia and says very hurtful things, I know she can't help it but she doesn't know she has dementia and she keeps bugging me to move in with her and I just don't want to because shell say hurtful things and I'll get fed up with it and say something back and I value our relationship too much to do that. My parents separated about a year and a half ago and my dad went kinda crazy and freaked my mom out an so my mom moved out and she always lies about where she lives. Last summer I supported my brother and we were pretty much homeless all summer, we stayed with my dad but we were sleeping in the living room and would basically just sleep at my dads. He wouldn't let us use the lights, had no Internet, no cable, would purposely unhook the dryer so I couldn't use it and would have to go to work in wet clothes and my brother and I were the main ones to clean the house and the day I left he asked us for $185 a month for rent and said that we were taking advantage of him and always messed the house up, which was untrue and I wasn't about to pay him money to live like that. He wouldn't even help us with food and most days we would maybe eat one meal a day. So I moved in with my aunt and things were getting better until she decided out of the blue she was gonna get married to this guy who she knows nothing about and was living at a homeless shelter. My other aunt and mom and my aunts ex husband ran background checks on him and it still doesn't look any better. He has been arrested 11 times, been to prison and some of his charges were stalking, armed robbery, theft, something to do with livestock, kidnapping, holding someone against their will, caught with weed and DUI, he's also possibly on the sex offenders list and wanted in another state and possibly still married. My aunt knows none of this an just moved this guy in the house where he's taking over everything. I know people can change for the good but there's just something about him and the whole arrangement that doesn't seem right. He doesn't really talk to me or do anything to me but every since he's moved in everynight I don't prop something against the door someone comes in, it's only a problem cause I don't sleep well when the door is open and that's why I close it. I've asked my aunt and cousin and they both said it wasn't them and the only other person there is him. My mom called my aunts ex and he is meeting with her today to discuss the custody of my cousin because she asked him for more money but he's gonna show her all the report and tell her he's gotta go or he's filling for full custody of my cousin. I'm trying to find a place an move out but it will be about 2 weeks before I can get out of there. I'm scared to go home tonight, that my cousin will be gone. I know he won't let anything happen to my aunt and I and with him gone who knows what my aunts new boyfriend will do.
My aunt in Ky, mom, grandma, and uncle have done all this research behind my aunts back and when she finds out today she's not gonna be very happy. She won't listen to anyone an just tries to piss people off. Her last boyfriend tried to get with my friend and then her mom and then went to my aunt and the first time I met him he was trying to get with me and she knew all of this and stayed with him for about 3 years, I've told everyone she's just gotta find out on her own but it's about to all blow up.


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  • I'm sorry! That's really terrible! >_<"

    But I guess you had to tell your aunt before she brings that guy to her home.

    Now it might be difficult for her to get convinced, understand the situation

    and look at the matter wisely, and come up with a wise decision.

    Or it might not be that easy for her to kick that guy out today.

    Can't your brother move and stay with you and your aunt tonight

    until you find a solution? Is he still in your father's house?


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