Do these boards help you with your break up?

For me they personally do. Especially with getting the strength to stay No Contact. Today for example, I am especially emotional for some reason. I Haven't cried in ten days and today I went in my car at work and listened to "Doing Just Fine" by Boyz to Men and I cried so hard...I immediately logged onto this site to find comfort knowing others are dealing with their own pain. I am not happy that people are sad, but to know I am not alone help me. This has to be one of the hardest thing I have dealt with as far as dating is concerned and I left a 14 year marriage and it didn't feel this way. :(


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  • I think they do and definitely agree that knowing you're not alone is a big help. The emotions and thoughts you go through are really difficult and make no sense. I had a 5 year relationship and don't even remember the breakup, now after a 2 month relationship has ended, im... distraught.

  • Hi miss cougar


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