Am I reading this right?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me 3 months ago. She completely stopped talking to me and said she's over me. But at school, I find that when she's with her group of friends and I'm walking by or she hears my voice , she always looks over at me, and once I notice it and I look at her she quickly looks away. What do you think this could mean?


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  • From reading the comments below, it sounds like she probably does still care about you, but is probably trying to be strong and stay away (as she said she thinks you don't care about her enough).

  • Was the break up bad?

    • No...She said that I didn't care about her enough

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    • yes

    • Get a friend to talk to one of her friends and find out the gossip or just make a move if it goes wrong don't look back there is more fish in the sea

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