How crazy do you go when it comes to spring break?

Do you go crazy during spring break? Do you get totally drunk and enjoy the sexual activities that comes along with spring break? Or do you not go crzy during spring break? What are your stories?


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    1) Always use condoms...people catch AIDS on SB

    2) If you have a 3some, 2 of you should know each other, the other should be a STRANGER

    3) Liquor before beer

    4) The Police monitor Facebook

    5) Don't go away with your girlfriend - you won't have fun. Have a mutual break-up before

    6) Don't smoke with locals (in Mexico of course)

    7) Never take Klonopin, Ativan, or Xanax before you are going to a bar or club...

    8) Don't snort will have a siezure and the trip will suck

    9) Never go to Tijiuana

    10) Always stay with the group, never leave a club with non-English speaking Strangers

    11) Only local girls get to go back to the hotel with you...NEVER guys - no matter how cool

    12) Though shall always stop short of beastiality


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