Ex girlfriend miss my friendship? Girls I need your help!

I have broke up with my ex a very long time and each time we meet each other its rather awkward not so friendly/happy enviroment,except when she is drunk and she tells me that she still love me.

We had many fights for silly reasons after the break up,both tried to make each other jealous,etc etc.

We Haven't talked for a month,the last contact was really bad,i sent her a message which was sweet and her reply was really angry.And lately she is saying to every1 that I am the one who doesn't want to be in the same place as her,she was the one who didn't in the first place,so I respected her wish.

A common friend told me yesterday that a month ago maybe a bit more,she told him that she miss my friendship (he didn't know that we were together).

I tried to talk to her soon after I heard that and her reply was,hmmm,i don't know,i am not sure (my name).

We Haven't talked since then and I am not planning to try to talk to her after I did the first move.

So girls pls give me your opinion about this really confusing ex,any idea what she is thinking?


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  • AHHHH! we are in similar situations, however its reversed. I think in a way she still wishes you two would have worked out but is afraid. Afraid of the past and afraid that she would only be wasting her time. I think you should let her think about everything and then later on.. in a week or so message her telling her how you feel. As a girl, we want all or nothing. Honestly, its hard to be friends with an ex, there will always be something more. If you love her, give her your 100%. If not, move on.

    Im was in a LD relationship, however, I messed up.. it sucks. No apology will ever make it OK. If you love the person, don't let her go.

    • Hehe!Its Ldr atm,she went back to her country and we were together after she left,a bit weird situation.We didn't broke up cause we didn't had feelings for each other,she was madly in love with me other reasons,distance and some other stuff,which this isn't the place to describe them!I gave her more than 100% I gave her my self,completly.So I should let her for a while,i guess its the right choice!And keep in mind that after university I am planning to move to her country!Still in love...!

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