Can there be a do-over?

my relationship with my boyfriend started way to fast, we met at work, started dating and with in a month we were living together.

we've been together almost 2 years now, and we fight almost every day, sometimes over little thing others not so little, I find a lot of what he does irritates me so much, stuff like biting his nails!

I'm getting tired of feeling hurt, stressed and depressed but I can't imagine my life without him and I hate being away from him for too long.

i was thinking of maybe going back to the start and taking things ore slowly, go on dates and not see each other everyday,

if I was to move out I would have to move back in with my mom. meaning ill be about 40min drive away but seeing how I don't have a car, 2h transports away, we would probably only see each other on weekends, is that enough?

is trying to start over a bad idea?

should I just stay and try and make things work while living with each other?

has anyone been through a similar experience?


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  • Make things work.

    Most coupe are really stressed over their relationship, but they try to make it work and it usually resulted to success.

    If you really can't take it anymore, you should consider breaking it off with him.


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