How do I make the first move?

So I decided to give the whole online dating thing a try because I'm pretty awful at meeting new people, work with mostly women and I know most of the guys in my major and am not interested in any of them.

I've gone out with this guy two times now and we both seemed to have a great time and we have plans to go out again this weekend.

He mentioned on his profile that he's terrible at picking up on signals and he's pretty oblivious. He told me he went to an all boys high school, went to school for and works in a male dominated field so his experience with girls is fairly minimal. I'm also kind of bad at reading situations but I figure if he asked me out again he must be at least a little interested. We haven't kissed or anything yet because on both our dates thus far we've been in fairly public/ crowded areas when we've said goodbye. I get the feeling I'm probably going to have to be the one to make the first move and that is something I have never done before. I know I'm gonna have a hard time getting up the nerve and following through because I'm a pretty big coward in such situations but I really like this guy.

I come in search of advice on how to actually make a move and how to tell when is the right time for said move or should I just tell him that I really like him? Seriously any advice is appreciated I have almost no dating experience. If it matters we're going to see a movie this weekend and then going to a bar to see his buddy's band play.


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  • Just give him a kiss at the end of the date, when he drops you off at your home/car/whatever. There's nothing to it, really. I'm sure you'll do fine.


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  • Maybe you could be honest with him and say that you want him to make the first move, and not worry because if it's the wrong time/situation you will let him know. Yes, technically it wouldn't be exactly his first move but a kind of compromise.


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  • When in doubt, be bold. At least you will know that you werent never skurred and that you have your own clanking balls to fling around when the mood strikes you. That is a great feeling. Tell yourself I DO WHAT I WANT, and then do that. It's fun.


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