Message a guy I Haven't spoken with in 4 years?

okay so I keep contemplating if I should or should not message this guy I dated from high school. I want to message him and just be like hey wats up how have you been but he has a girlfriend (they are in a long distance relationship fyi)

at first I was like I should message him but of course just be a friend (and I have no problem with that, I wouldn't even ask to meet up, only talk) I saw no harm in that but then I thought what if I was in the gf's shoes ...i would not like an ex girlfriend my boyfriend dated in high school to message him.

i think I should let them have their time and if they break up well then I can make my move ...i just hope I don't regret this in the future. I want to do the right thing but I don't want to hurt anyone

if anyone has anymore advice it would help... but I'm pretty sure I will not mesage him ... thanks :)


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  • It's been 4 LONG years! I'm sure it would cause absolutely zero harm for you to just chat up with him and ask how he's doing. I'm sure you're just genuinely wondering how he's doing and are not doing so with the background of you still having feeling for him. So what if he has a girlfriend? You're not exactly trying to steal him away, so it should be more than okay for you to try and catch up.

    The only reason for you to consider not talking to him would be if he seriously hurt you in the past or vice versa.

    Don't think too much! just do it.


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  • If I was you I would message him and just put in your message that you don't want to offend him or his girlfriend so if his new girlfriend suspects something and finds the message no harm is done.

  • Message him! Please just say what's up if you mess up the relationship by just catching up with him you guys were meant to be lol


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