I don't know whether my ex wants me back or not its so confusing I see her everywhere

My ex broke up with me 2 months ago after I threw her a birthday party and her excuse was because I was to into her which I never understood because that's what boyfriend are supposed to do help out their girlfriend they always care for them either way I made like a huge mistake by trying to make her jealous by setting up a fake girlfriend which we would have no relationship at all and this plan fell apart because my ex just asked the "gf" whether we were together or not and she said we were not together at all and basically everyone found out about this so I was really pissed off about it and then I found out that she has a boyfriend or real good friend I don't know where he is with her and this person is one of my friends and he constantly pisses me off about my ex and I have no idea what I should do? And I just recently had a 3 week vacation and during my vacation I saw her every single day and now she goes to coffee bean which she never goes to that place because I was with her for six months what should I do please help


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  • She had to care at least a little though if she asked the fake girlfriend about it, but she's taken now.

    It kinda sounds like she thinks you're clingy, but don't let that influence your decision. She still left.

    Leave the ball in her court, but don't hold your breath for her move..

    PS, your friend doesn't seem like a good friend. You probs already knew, but I'm just putting that out there.

    • she is not taken from what I hear and she only texts him she doesn't go out with him at all

    • That doesn't anull the clingy issue.

      I've had a boyfriend that would do 'sweet' things like that, but he didn't understand how much they turned me off.

      He's with someone now that appreciates him (and acts the same way ~)

      If she wants to try again, I'm not gonna stop you.

      But there's better people to be chasing.

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  • I think you are over thinking about her bro , She left you for a silly reason and you mentioned before she has a boyfriend just forget her and move on and be sure if she wants you back she will be talking to you and sending some signals that she is sorry . :)


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