Spur of the moment decision ending in regret?

i've just turned 19. I was angry with a member of my family and told them I wanted to move out.

i say this quite a lot but last time was different, I ended up sending off an email about a flat I'd seen and they've left me a message to ring them back to organise a viewing.

i'd been thinking of the things I could do if I got my own place but now because they've left me this message I'm nervous and don't know whether I want to move out.

any help/advice? please


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  • No one here can help you it's about you and only you , Do you think you can live alone and handle all the responsibilities ? if yes then there is nothing to be nervous about , Just clear your mind and think about it carefully . :)

    • Have you moved out? Got your own place? Some people hace said stay with parents as long as possivle because you will be better off and others have said getting your own place is one pf tue best decisions they've ever made

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    • Aw thank you :-)

    • Your welcome . :)

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