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I broke up with my ex three months ago after being together a little over a year. I loved him dearly. I was his first girlfriend. It took a long time to adjust to everything about him, but I did because I loved him. We had numerous fights, due to me not feeling appreciated, lies and disappointment. In his eyes he never did anything wrong and could not take responsibility for his actions. Apparently " I was crazy " , loved drama. I hate drama, fights and confrontations, but you refuse to be a doormat! After I walked out, I went 5 weeks no contact. He text me arguing with me, then we were civil and discussed a few things. I told him I could not be his friend because of the feelings I have. It's like he completely ignored that and text me a few days later. I felt happy about the text, a few days passed and I text him, we spoke about everything except the break up. I felt like I was back to the start again and was upset again. I text him to see if he wanted to try one more time, he took a long time to text back and said he would love to get back with me but he is unsure, I then started regretting texting him and all of the bad memories popped back up again, I panicked and text him straight away again and told him that I had to try and I feel relieved I let it out ( I am very stubborn ). I then told him not text anymore. I know it sounds messed up , but it's like every time I try to go back or contact him, something stops me?

This was a week ago. I thought it would be good closure for me, but no, I still love and miss him and I can't stop thinking about him. Some days I'm angry with him and some I am laughing at funny things we did. I don't know what to do.. I don't want to hurt or feel like this again. Please, somebody give me advise..


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  • From what I read, it sounds like you are deeply in love with this guy.. But you gotta sit down and think to yourself if this is something you really want to try again and if you do want to try it again you two need to meet face to face if yall are in a LDR use Skype or something because texting and talking on the phone isn't the best way to solve problems. You two need to seriously need to develop a better way to communicate the way you both feel towards each other. But it all starts with you, you need to channel your emotions in a better way, by writing them down or talking to a close friend, one minute you want him and the next you are angry which is causing you to feel the way you are, but talk to him and let him know how you truly feel and tell him you are sick of being hurt by him,if he continues to hurt you then its not worth the fight and let it go. I think the main problem is communication. If you both fix that then yall two should be fine.

    • Thanks so much for your answer. After I sent the last message to him saying goodbye. He text me back saying he was confused at what I was trying to do. I didn't bother texting back anymore.. It's like he wants me to fight, but il only be fighting for a relationship I wasn't happy in.. I'd love to speak to him face to face, but like I said, he takes no blame and it would only lead in another argument, which he will blame me for starting.. I haven't spoke to him since. It sucks..

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    • Don't let him come to me?

    • Yes... let him come to you...

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