Does She Like Me? Or Is It Just The Way She Is?

There's this girl in my dance class. She is pretty. We just had two classes together. She is quite reserved, and doesn't talk much with other girls too. During the 1st class, a friend told me that she stares at me, but I didn't believe him, thought he was kidding. But I did notice her moving around alot, flicking her hair frequently,.On the 2nd class, she was in tights, and again I noticed her hair thing, and moving around, and she stood in front of me, so I think, compared to my last class she was showing off her dance moves.

I am confused here - does she like me, or is it just herself? Girls, please help!

Thanks for suggestions girls.

Well, she ain't into me! :)

Today I closely observed her, and ... well. :)


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  • Well if you rhink she might like you and even your friend noticed it I would say make a move! try to talk to her! she may be just waiting for you to make a move on her because especially if she's shy she's not going to be the one to go over and talk to you first. Good luck!


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  • it may be both if she looks at you then flick her hair then she probly likes you but if she just does it every once and awhile it may just to move her hair away from her neck I do that sometimes if my hir agervates me

  • flicking hair out of our way is natural and we do this no matter what because its in our way, she might like you if she stares at you alot. tell her she dances nice and see if she is happy to talk to you she could like you .


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