Bad idea to let an ex know you miss them?

So me and my girlfriend broke up a month ago. It was mutual at first just because a bunch of sh*t happened and we were moving too fast. He told me she didn't wan to lose me but she don't feel the same. I kinda freaked out and tries to get her back or a couple weeks ended up making things worse. Last thing we texted too each other was that we were both sorry for what happened. Thing is I still love this girl and we were best friends like we were separàted at birth. Had a lot chemistry which is why we moved so fast. She's just been hanging out by her self after we broke up I'm pretty sure. I feel like I should let her know that I miss her. and maybe just acknowledge where fcked up in the relationship. But I'm thinking its a bad idea. Very one tells me to let her come to me, and that NC is best.


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  • If you want to chase and pursue her by letting her know you miss her, go for it! Do what you need to do and what you feel is right. Never apologize for your own actions, and never feel bad for fighting for someone. How they choose to receive your message and their ultimate reaction is out of your control. At the end of the day you are fully in control and should be happy to take full responsibility for whatever happens.

    No contact is okay if she needs time to think or if you're trying to get over her, but if you love her and want her, let her know you are that way. Who knows, cause maybe if you give up she'll just think you don't want it enough. It's not less manly to pursue or express yourself, in fact, I view it as being confident and mature, knowing what you want and taking the actions to try to get just that.

    • Well she blocked me on Facebook a week after we broke up when we got in an argument over texts. And she told me to stop talking to her a couple weeks ago as it was causing her anxiety/pain. Then last week I texted her to do some damage control. Basically I just told her why I was taking the break up so hard and just said I'm sorry for everything that happened. I half expected a text back bitching me out for texting her but she just said "it's OK I'm sorry too". Just scared to text her now.

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