Meet up with him or not?

This guy misses me, and I miss him too. We're on a "break" sort of but the relationship has never really worked (we haven't been officially girlfriend/boyfriend yet)...we care about each other but he just annoys me and he gets mad at me a lot (and is very manipulative). I really want to see him and he does too but I feel like all I want is to kiss him and hug him and after we'll just go back to not talking to each other, but being more confused.

What should I do? Break this off and never meet up or meet up and tell him later I don't want to see him? I know this is bad and really selfish.
  • You're a horrible person. Don't meet up with him.
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  • Meet up with him but let him know what's up
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  • Meet up with him and decide your feelings after
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  • I wouldn't say you're a horrible person for breaking things off before they started. If he annoys you then he annoys you, why should you go through that for the next x years or x months? Manipulative people are the worst kind of people. You love them for all the wrong reasons. Don't let a relationship start if all you do is be physical for a few days and then are both non responsive to each other. Won't last very long...


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