"I'm sorry for everything." what's that even mean?

after Christmas my ex girlfriend and I went out on a date. We got to talking and she said, "I am sorry for everything"

Then I said, "Well, there were things in the relationship when we were together that I had no idea what was going on"

Then she said, "Im just...saying sorry!"

And it got awkwardly silent...so I said, "Well I am sorry too. You know what? Lets just have fun!"

So were cheered to tea.

Then as I was driving her home, she kept saying, "I am sorry for everything"

So I said, "Its OK. I'm just glad I am spending time with you right now."

Then we kissed before I dropped her off at her house.

What did she mean that she's sorry about everything?


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  • well me as a women if I tell a man that ( I'm so sorry for everything ) then I would mean just that.

    saying that means that you are sorry about any and everything that went wrong or that I did wrong in the relationship or if I had done things you don't no about then I would be sorry for those mistakes as well. she regrets all the bad things that happen . It sounds like she cares a lot about you and would like another chance . and if your ready to give her that chance then don't bring up the past with her just forgive each other and start clean . what's done is done and can't be changed she wants to be forgave for whatever she did and I'm sure she forgives you . don't read to much into it just accept it and go forward with your relationship if that's what you want

    • I wish I would have known this then

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    • The guys a huge dork too. He literally looks like Danny Tanner, he is illiterate and can't spell. He would write the cheesiest things as status updates but then couldn't even spell it right. Then he puts up relationship memes that teenage emo girls post but its like guy version. I don't understand what she is thinking!

    • thanks for best answer ! . I hope you try talking to her

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  • i was going to say to that if you do want her back make sure that's what you really want and that your not just wanting her now because she has a new man and you feel like she is off limits now .. make sure its not one of them things where you only want it if you think you can't have it . but if its not that and you want her or would like to try then do just that . if it don't work out then you can move on and know that at least you tried and you won't have to wonder if it ever would have worked

    • But I always wanted her. I loved her the whole time. She just couldn't believe it. And more every day I love her with all my heart.

      Every day that I know I can't be with her, I think about her and I strive to be a better man. I look at myself and I want to be better and think of how I can be someone who can love and take care of her and hold her when she's crying or sad.

      Its hard to even try to move on because even though I can see a beautiful woman, it isn't her. I love her for who she is

    • then I would for sure try talking to her

  • she feels really bad and maybe guilty about whatever transpired between you two.


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  • She probably felt the need to say it because of your past. She must have felt the need to apologize to you for how things turned out the way they did, and she didn't want them to.

    She just tried to clear the air! Don't worry about it.


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